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About Me

I grew up in India watching various shows about the origin of the universe and our Earth on the National Geographic & Discovery channels. These TV shows immensely fascinated me and shaped my outlook towards life. Every time a spacecraft was launched by any space agency, I used to get all excited and read up all I could find about it. Initially, I dreamed of being an astronaut just like most kids my age then, but with time I realized that the samples and data collected by the astronauts and spacecraft were actually studied by scientists around the world! As I read further, I was intrigued to find that it is possible to know about the conditions during the birth of the Solar System and our planet by studying meteorites and oldest terrestrial rocks. I got hooked to Planetary Science since then.

Apart from looking at the stars and wondering about our origins and how we got here, I enjoy playing lawn tennis and soccer, photography, and hiking. 

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